Energy Efficient A Rated Windows

SecureView’s ‘A rated’ windows have been officially tested using the same European rating system that has been used for items such as fridges and washing machines for many years. An ‘A rated’ window system will not lose any heat whatsoever from your home.

‘A’ is the highest rating a double glazing window can currently achieve. Here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy from SecureView ‘A rated’ windows.

Argon Filled
The inner cavity of a traditional sealed unit is filled with dry air. SecureView ‘A Rated’ units have the air replaced with Argon, creating an extra barrier to heat loss.

Warm Edge Technology
An incredible 80% of a windows heat loss is through the aluminium spacer bar. SecureView ‘A rated’ windows do not use this dated technology and instead utilise a modern composite polymer material that is 950 time less conductive than aluminium.

Sell Your Property Faster
Energy ratings now apply to your entire home and windows contribute hugely to the overall rating. Fit Profile 22 ‘A rated’ windows and you’re well on your way to an ‘A rated’ home.

10 Year Guarantee
The units within our ‘A rated’ windows come with an extended manufacturers guarantee of 10 years.